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Ka? What? A who am I post.


My first ever post about me and what I do for a living. I tend to do alot of things everyday in terms of creatively work and I always try to achieve goals that I’ve set for myself.

When I was competing in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) I had a goal to be the best in the world, a kinda crazy thought thinking mind I had and that I could actually become one of the best MMA-Fighters on the planet earth. Period. The goal was set and I started training more efficient everyday, more precise with my workouts and giving it my all. A crazy mindset that would bring me closer and closer to actually achieving the goal of becoming one of the best in the world.

Some fights and flights later and I was in the finals at the very first IMMAF world championships, a huge success just getting to the finals but I was determined to win the whole thing. 3 rounds later and a big smile on my face, not because I won, but because I achieved one of my biggest goals that to be one of the best in my weightclass. One of the best in the world.

A couple years later and I still try to achieve different goals. Whether or not is to be the best in the world, my goal for this year was and still is to produce alot of content that I can make money out of and to make people happy about the work I do. I want to create art pieces and good entertainment, some may say It can’t be done, I say they are wrong.

One of many pictures taken at MMA Galla, this picture was taken right before the judge had to step in to call the fight. The event was streamed live on Viaplay, which was pretty cool.

Last replacement, a short film about MMA. This film represented the first of many MMA-related projects that would come in my way later on in my career.

On 3 days notice I took an MMA fight in -70 kg. A huge step up from my normal weightclass, but I took it like a champ and filmed the whole thing. The film tilte and all of It was just a perfect fit for the whole production, this was also my very first film project that was longer than 2 minutes long.

A film about saying hi. This sums up much of what I stand for, absurdly weird funny shit that makes no sense at all.

Have you remebered to say hi today? A film abou saying hi.

When talking about absurdly films… I made a film about monday mornings.

Bluemonday or Blåmandag as we say in Norway, a special weird sense of nonsense of a film. I hope it gives you the weirdness that you need.


Luckily I’ve been doing much more than just

fighting and making weird nonsense films.


Rundhjuling, a roadtrip with 3 other MMA-fighters from MMA Trondheim. The goal was to make an episode per day as we were at 9 different spots having seminars about MMA. All of the money that we got in was donated to Stine Sofies Stiftelse.

9 episode in 9 days, a roadtrip of 4 MMA-Fighters teaching MMA to people and of promoting the sport for a good cause.

The Valhalla Journey, a web series about MMA-Fighter Emil “Valhalla” Meek. This was by far one of the superior goals of both fighting and creating from my part. 5 weeks in Vegas, alot of fun and alot of hard work. The result was badass.

Valhalla Journey was and still is a web series about Emil “Valhalla” Meek. The first season of this journey was produced by Skogmoo. 11 episodes, 4 fightweek episodes and alot of fun!

Couple of film productions in and a few steps closer to another goal, now I’ve had the opportunity to create films for Betsafe! Greatful of being in a situation of developing content for people I truly care about.

Kenneth Bergh - Undefeated, 4-part series that follows MMA-FIghter Kenneth Bergh trough everyday life. 6 wins and no losses.

What 2.jpg

It probally seems like I just do film for people I care about or just making weird shit just for the fun of it… half true, but I actually do alot of other things aswell. This will be for another post in the neer future. Thanks for reading trough my first ever huge draft about myself, this will not be a standard post since I hate writing blog material shit, and now I’m a hypocrite.

To tell a bit more of why I started writing in this kind of format. It’s about goal setting and about telling stories trough pictures and ofcourse the visual madness that goes along with it. My part in this is to give you the reader a process picture of what goes on in a life of a Motion Designer and share the creative process of my upcoming projects and projects that I’ve already made.

And to clarify, NO I will not start blogging for the hell of it. This is a personal shitpost site that allows me to show what I do and when I do. Creating art is the most important thing for me. This is more experimental than anything else. Again, thanks!

Kristian Skogmo