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This is England. A travel film based in, yes you guessed it, England! This film or movie so to say is an vlog based movie but directed in an weirdly, absurdly way. My vision was to explain us or explain these characters that is in this film in an unique style.

Thanks to everybody that has been helping this film from start to finish! A special thanks to Hallvar from Hyggelaget and Ove Engen for doing the recording of the voice of Cody, oh shit, and ofcourse a huge thanks to Cody for the voiceover!


The process

The process was simple to begin with but got more and more complicated as things got changed on with ideas and setups of what could work and not in terms of the film itself. My vision was always to have an mixture between a Wes Anderson filmic look and Guy Ritchie’s Snatch.

The tempo of the flight scene from Snatch between New York - London was a perfect transition to begin with, both to save time and to have a more entertained look of the whole film itself.

The center point of Wes Anderson’s style and colour palette was something I had always wanted to try out on a film. Ofcourse this is not an Wes Anderson film, this is a Skogmoo film that represents my style inspired by other great directors and so on.

Take a look at some of the shots from the film here;

Tried to capture a type “Beatles” look here.

Tried to capture a type “Beatles” look here.



A more western themed look of the film.

A more western themed look of the film.

Back to the beginning of the film, but in a widescreen format this time.

Back to the beginning of the film, but in a widescreen format this time.

The fun stuff

While doing this project we where on a sort of holiday to visit our friends who studies in England, Southampton. The film, the food, the people we where with was a cool experience and an even cooler way of making sure cultural things like going to a bar everyday was something that was highly prioritised.

A slightly gallery of what was happening from day to day, the one who is pictured with is Simon.

Ice skating

The last day we where in Southampton we discovered an ice skating park, that was beyond amazing! The last “real” scene in the film is a finish of the whole movie where everyone is ice skating together, more epic shots and fun times is hard to find…


The film itself is nothing more than just people having fun. The film is not a scripted film, It’s just pure fun and creative ways of exploring both a new country and new bars to drink in.

Thank you so much for the hospitality Maria, Simon, May Iren and Jørgen! <3

Here’s us traveling back to Norway. Cute.

Here’s us traveling back to Norway. Cute.

Conclusion V2

It was an amazing trip. Both sparkling on the creative side and on the personal side, if you have a camera with you on a trip to a country or an event, go crazy, go wild, go for gold and use your imagination to create stupid films and so on.


Kristian Skogmo