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Greenscreen and all of that good shit.

Greenscreen, what is it?

Well, for me Iately It’s about putting the most amount of weird shit into a project.

This post will be more about showing you what kind of projects that I’ve actually used greenscreen concepts and ideas to promoted different events and commercial videos.. Think of the music video New Light by John Mayer and you be set already.

First one out, a invitation in to our party.

Mad fun, weird shit, all of that good stuff.

Everything starts from an idea, and that idea will go trough several stages before hitting the “main” stage. This ofcourse did not take as long as an actual client project so It did not take long before finished product was brought up from dead to living. Very exicte!

Some highlights from our invitation festive promotion film. Maximized effiorts of making sure the visual side of everything was set to near perfection. Many thanks to Kasper (Pinkas) for doing the background effects and finding amazing videos that fitted perfectly into every scene.



This one was actually for a client, but the client didn’t really get hooked on the idea and it was more of a failed pitch than a commercial. I tought It was funny, but I fully understand that It would get mixed reaction, wich Is probally something that just didn’t work in their favor, again, understandable.


Final boss.

Ok, so the last greenscreen fun madness thing that I’ve done so far is this commercial for MMA Trondheim. I’m always very happy and very exicte (In borat voice) to produce films for the gym. I always have cazy ideas that just get accepted when doing stuff for MMA Trondheim, agian, in a slight borat voice, very nice!

Low budget?

A crazy idea?

Just wanna use explosions?

Well… go ahead and use that filthy greenscreen for all It’s glory!!

Thanks for reading, sure hope to see more greenscreen stuff from all creatives and non-creatives out there! Make sure to use secret ingredients like an explosion here and there, and smash that like button.

Kristian Skogmo