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Støgg_utstilling. MY VERY FRIST EXhibition !!!!1111


12 pictures and a short film.

A whole night of støgg. This was my very first exhibition and I turly enjoyed making the art works and planning the exhibition itself.

I would like to thank all involved in such an extraordinary night of good people, good music, and a whole night of pure fun. Thanks!


There was this drawing wall placed on two places, one on a wall and the other one on a table, pure success, everybody likes to draw… i guess?

Here’s a timelapse of the wall.

And here’s the table.

Some pictures taken by Hallvar from Hyggelaget.



Some BTS shots of working with the DJ. Thank you for doing this Peder, truly appreciate!

And here’s the short film! - for the whole process and info about the film.

Poster for the exhibition.

Kristian Skogmo