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Freedom of expression, my visit to Tromsø.

Why Tromsø? Why not? I was visiting one of my good friends up north, and had the pleasure to stay at his place for the entire trip, thanks Sigurd!

While staying in Tromsø I was able to gather massive inspiration for my own works of art and gather energy trough the day to create and produce. I am forever grateful for doing what I love, and that I have the ability to travel to different places to take pictures, see friends and meet new people.

Mr. Sigg here in it’s true form.

Mr. Sigg here in it’s true form.

Among many places visited while staying at the chilly Tromsø I was able to visit some art museums to get some inspiration on my own exhibition that Is due to 11. of may.


No justice in taking a picture of an picture to serve the true art of some of these shots.


Of all the museums, cafês and training that went down in Tromsø, the key element always is and always was to create. This time It was more to visit Sigurd and his family ofcourse, but It was also to develop works of art.


Mountains, churches and churches.


Again, thanks agian for letting me stay at your house Sigurd <3

TROMS-10 ALT.jpg
Kristian Skogmo