幾らかの is a short film made by Kristian Skogmo. Some is a short film that represents life in different chapters. From birth to finding once existence.

幾らかの - Some, any, more or less, somewhat, slightly. Black or white. Yin and yang - In-yo.

I would also like to thank both Edvard Bolås and Martine Laiti who made the music/sfx for this piece!


Some screenshots from the film itself.


I’ve tought about the idea of making a short film now for over a year. From styleframes to styleframes, ideas and concepts and scripts, on and on. The fact that I was able to produce a short film in about 2 months time was “surprisingly” hard.

Some of the early stages of building the concept and idea behind the short film.

Some of the shots from early stages where just not good enough for the final stages of developing the story. I made some styleframes here and there about the style and It sorta worked, but It was quite there.


Shots from the animatic.

Without the force and power of Redshift I probally won’t been able to finish such a project in such a short time.

The whole thing was created in Cinema 4D and made beatiful in After Effects.

AGAIN, a huge shoutout to Edvard Bolås and Martine Laiti for making sure the music / SFX was right on point! <3