Trondheim Calling

Main title design. Direction, Cinematography and Animation.

Trondheim Calling 2019.

This was the second year that I was able to work with Trondheim Calling with the motion design and animation. I had help with the design by the talented people Arinbjørn and Erlend, It was a good trio wich was there to do good work together.

Art Directon by Arinbjørn from Uredd, and design by Erlend from Mustasj / Kamuflert.


Social media stuff.


The brief was mostly to do cool shit for cool people. Wich Is what I do.

Of all the mess we made with all of the oil, milk and ink, we got to produce up alot of content for Trondheim Calling.


10 venues in 3 nights.

Both 3D and 2D was used to create the venues for all of the places that where going to have conserts etc. My task was to show and tell of each and evey place that It was like a party. I used textures in the houses and rendered in as an .png sequences in After Effects. In addition to After Effects i used Cinema 4D and Redshift as an renderer.

Was using a 3D modell of Trondheim Kommune wich was free of use.

Source of the modell is here;



Some backstage pictures of the production side. We filled an aquarium up with water and then sprayed it with ink, alot of ink. My job was to film and produce up a 3D version of the Trondheim Calling logo.